Kissing The Face of God

Kissing The Face of God
Kissing the Face of God

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christ Renews His Parish, AKA "CRHP"

Boy am I grateful tonight that I went through a CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) retreat last April, and decided to join the formation for the team to give the next retreat which was last October. The retreat itself, something many catholic parishes offer for both men and women, was an amazing experience, and the formation experience, during which we met together weekly to hear each others' life stories and develop our faith as we prepared to give the next retreat, was even MORE amazing! I made friends there that are so invaluable to me now especially during this time of potential despair and fear. They come to my rescue whenever I need a hand, and are there to share a laugh or even cry with me. Even ladies who have been through CRHP on a different team than the one I served on, the minute they hear you are a fellow CRHP alumni, bing-bang-shazoom, you are their sister too!

The catholic church offers so many wonderful experiences for bonding and so many ways to serve the Lord by serving his people.  However, I'm here to say that if you are at a parish that offers it and you haven't been yet, I STRONGLY encourage you to go! It's just a beautiful experience. 

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