Kissing The Face of God

Kissing The Face of God
Kissing the Face of God

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I am truly blessed indeed to attend a church with an adoration chapel--one that has gone over the past 9 months or so from being nonexistent to being almost perpetual!--at my beloved St Thomas More.  Our associate priest and the team he put together have done great things, and now we can adore the Lord just about any time we feel the call. What a blessing! (I know, I said that already--but it really IS!).

For those of you who do make the practice of a regular holy hour, what types of things do you do during your time with God? Prayer? Spiritual reading? Meditation? Rosaries? How do you keep your mind focused on God? And above all--how do you listen to God? 

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  1. It is so hard to slow down and have a truly quiet time- one 'easy way' I find is to listen to 'pray as you go' while I do the dishes